Emerald Dream Meaning

Emerald in your Dreams

To dream of an emerald indicates the vigor, the force and the balance of the life, of the nature or of the Universe. It is a sign of being able to falsify the aspects of a process of cure or to show the force of the yearnings, of the religious mystic and of the divination on the things. If you dream of an emerald carved on the table of your dining room you will feel the beneficial effect of something victorious, wide and powerful. Dreaming of an emerald in form of gem not worked on your worktable is omened a proposal of task or activity in your work that it will change your life very soon.

Again and again, this type of dream can bring good things or to attract negative tensions to be something very coveted or wanted by all, to be a beautiful and valuable gem. You center your attention in the good thing, in the infinite possibilities of the pure potential and leave that the material detachment are inside part in you with force.

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