Evil People Dream Meaning

Evil People in your Dreams

To dream of evil people represents negative aspects of your personality, unpleasant features in your temperament or unpleasant actions before colleagues or friends. Evil people mean the reflection of fears, hate, bad humor, jealousies or blames in the soul. Dreaming of evil people that hit an old man in a street seeks advice to reject all injustice or simple envy between your colleagues of the work. If you dream of evil people that break the glasses of a store or of a house you should accept the guilt of your negligence or forgetfulness before a son or a nephew very dear.

In any event, this type of dream is interesting to know your external errors or to identify your interior demons that need to be exorcized. As anything it is perfect, the correct with this premonition is to assume lacks, to liberate bitterness and better being with yourself.

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