Ex-Partner Dream Meaning

Ex-Partner in your Dreams

Generally, to see an ex-partner of work or of team during a dream represents nostalgia or lack of company or affection, even a sentimental situation bad. To dream of an ex-partner of work in a company that it closed means the strength of your human quality, of your friendship and honesty before other people. If you dream of an ex-partner of work or of your sport community team you will be able to specify very well the positive features of a person that will arrive to your life through your company. Dreaming of an ex-partner of your current work is omened the obtaining of an employment to a friend thanks to the contact with your boss.

Every so often, the dream about an ex-partner of work or of team it points out answers or elements of moral quality in the face of other people or helps of quality with the fellow-being. Even, it can point out the use of your good memory to achieve something or to use your clear and direct communication in an important moment.

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