Eyeglasses Dream Meaning

Eyeglasses in your Dreams

To dream of eyeglasses means emotions about yourself or others must be more keen, dependable, or cautious than others. Mindfulness of making a decent attempt to be not kidding about something. An increased feeling of clarity or expecting to focus. You or another person is concerned with giving careful consideration to a circumstance. Attempting to be keen about something.

To see softened eyeglasses up your dream shows that your vision and recognition is hindered. You are not seeing the realities accurately.

To dream that you are wearing eyeglasses and you don't regularly wear them proposes that you require a clearer view on a circumstance.

Contrarily, eyeglasses may mirror a propensity to be excessively centered around how genuine something is.. An over the top need to concentrate on being not kidding or watchful.

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