Facebook Dream Meaning

Facebook in your Dreams

To dream of Facebook indicates fear to lose the intimacy, strong desire to overcome last fears and to communicate the personal happiness to other people. This symbol projects the importance and the limitation of the social nets for the individual. Hence, to sign for Facebook inside a dream can demonstrate a deep necessity of being appreciated, grateful and stimulated in public by something that you have enjoyed recently.

Dreaming of Facebook when showing images in white and black of last times it omens you a pending dialogue with family, tense and difficult, to treat non closed matters and that they need to be ventilated. Take these messages easy and listen well without being bothered.

If in a dream with Facebook you feel unable to enter to the system and to go up pictures and videos, you will receive a reminder for the possible smallest time to pass with unpleasant people near to you. Also the rejection to this social net is related with the lingering stay in front of the computer.

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