FBI Dream Meaning

FBI in your Dreams

To Dream of F.B.I. it represents discipline or execution of the behavior that it should be permanent and uncompromising in all officials. F.B.I. symbolizes a way of thinking controller, a sense of the total justice and to be involved in all investigation to achieve the truth. If you dream of F.B.I. and their methods of psychological investigation you won't have excuse or escape to conclude the order that they have requested you from the last week due to the continuous rains. Dreaming of F.B.I. and their equipment of high technology forensic is omened an improvement of the work in an incredible way in connection with the rest of your colleagues.

Wherefore, the premonitions that it motivates this type of dream allow to perfect or to alert the work, the attention to the family and to maintain the communication with the friends. The strong feelings or the sensibility of the professionalism become worse with this dream without necessity of feeling guilty or not very serious in your tasks.

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