Feces Dream Meaning

Feces in your Dreams

To dream of feces suggests vicinity of negative situations or arrival of a matter that it will question your personality and that it will be rejected by other people. The feces symbolize to dirty something or to somebody, to defraud a person or to put in test to somebody honest and frank. If you dream of feces of dog on your bed you will have a bothersome situation in your house for the school results of the children in the next semester. Dreaming of feces of cat on your sofa is omened a strong discussion with your couple by the buy of an equipment or utensil expensive and not very useful this weekend.

Moreover, you should maintain your feelings and actions daily the clearest possible to avoid negative premonitions as those that it alerts this dream. Not it will hide anything to your family, not it will have shame of tell the truth of a fact carried out by yourself starting from right now.

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