Fedora Hat Dream Meaning

Fedora Hat in your Dreams

To dream of a Fedora hat or of felt has always represented a good humor, a positive attitude in the face of the life or tolerance with the negative thing that it surrounds to diary to a person. A Fedora hat symbolizes permanent fashion or protection to nuisances of the day to day. If you dream of a Fedora hat on a seat of the living room of your house you will receive the visit of a relative very old and dear for you and yours children during this month. Dreaming of a Fedora hat on the table of work your is alerted the fall of the prices of the rates settled by your company.

Really, the dream about a Fedora hat it points out occupation or enjoyment of a task that it motivates you during the work. An advice of this dream is that when you are in conscious state and you make something incorrect should worry hence to avoid repeat your mistake again.

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