Fingerprints Dream Meaning

Fingerprints in your Dreams

To dream of the fingerprints represents presence in a place, unquestionable tests, guilt confirmed or blame feelings impossible to forget. The fingerprints symbolize matters that confirm carried out movements, undeniable witnesses, you prove and motivations for trials. If you dream of the fingerprints left by you in the glass of a window of your house you will feel worry on being discovered by your true feelings against a relative of your couple. Dreaming of the fingerprints left by you in the glass of your worktable is omened actions incorrect not very professional of you for to eliminate your behavior against a good client of your company.

Finally, this kind of dream expresses concern on something that somebody tries to remain silent or to discover as an error, secret or failure conscious or unconscious. If in the dream it is appreciated that somebody take the fingerprints for a person with or without uniform you will talk with some dear or near person about the matter that worries about at the moment.

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