Fourteen Dream Meaning

Fourteen in your Dreams

To dream of the fourteen as number represents your desire to stay fair in your decisions with all the people and with a personal permanent temperance. The life and the challenges of it summon to this dream linked to the seal and the action as a cat or a tiger. If you dream of the fourteen engraving in the skin of a cat that is walking for the living room of your house you will stay even and without alteration in a discussion familiar very serious and near. Dreaming of the fourteen engraving in the skin of a tiger seeks advice many intelligence to do the best business in your life and without affecting anybody of your colleagues.

At the same time, this type of dream stimulates the emotional balance and the good sense in all take of decisions before accidental and situations daily of the life. It also represents the notion of giving the best that you really have in the spiritual and material to the needy fellow-being trusty.

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