French Fries Dream Meaning

French Fries in your Dreams

To dream of the French fries represent the arrival of not very creative or frivolous ideas, of little originality and importance for a state of fatigue or of strong stress. The French fries symbolize a desire impossible, bad feeding habits and an alert one to take care of your health. If you dream of the French fries that waste away in a fast food restaurant you will elevate your demand in the quality of the foods that consumes you and your family. Dreaming of the French fries that waste away in a barbecue in your home it omens the enjoyment of a dinner in family in a Chinese buffet near to your house. Actually, this kind of dream advises to take the things calmly, to hope the ideas flow with freshness and a lot of observation to your meals. Not stop to question and to value all happens it to your surroundings, so much unpleasant as pleasant and openly.

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