Garnet Dream Meaning

Garnet in your Dreams

To dream of a gem of garnet points out hardness, resistance and an exact focus at a very high appropriate level to approach complex and difficult matters of solving. The garnet symbolizes to discover everything or almost everything, to maintain all low control and to arrive to the bottom of the causes of a problems or matter. If you dream of a garnet of red intense color you will solve the problem that has detainees the equipments of your company in the room of machines at the moment. Dreaming of a garnet of golden color is omened to solve the electric problem of your house today.

On the other hand, the dream about jewels elaborated with garnet can predict a lot of prosperity and even wealth but that they should be administered with rigor because it spread to disappear with easiness. With this result, you should be a jealous administrator of being summed up these positive circumstances.

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