Genius Dreams Interpretations and Meanings Explained

Genius Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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To see a genius in your dream indicates next contact with somebody or something that will offer superior knowledge to the activity or occupation that you carry out daily. A genius symbolizes proximity of something very prospective (positive or negative) of supernatural character generally. Dreaming of a genius seated to the entrance of your house as a positive guardian of an Asian temple is omened permanent protection to your family in the next years. If you dream of a genius similar to the powerful Arab spirit of afreet sat down in your office you will have a stranger encounter with a person to which you will be able to request or to almost ask any thing referred to your business; donĀ“t doubt, you are too big to fail.

In fact, to dream of a genius of Arabian or Chinese character of enormous size, ugly and with brilliant colors it represents development of your abilities of life for the help of a person with which you have had contact for a lot of time. If you dream that you are the genius it insinuates that you have a high value about the dignity, the honesty and the integrity of the human being.

Genius Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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