Gooseberries Dream Meaning

Gooseberries in your Dreams

To dream of picking up gooseberries in a beautiful and green valley suggests that there will be opportunities and improvements very soon for all to your surrounding that they will benefit them vastly. The gooseberries are as a miracle or a remedy against the illnesses and the poverty. If you dream of gooseberries red in a baked cake you will reach all that intends for the force of your steel will. Dreaming of gooseberries black inside of barrels of wine is omened happiness, party, abundance and peace in the family later to get ready all that should be ordered.

Therefore, the dream about gooseberries will always mean a magic touch of the nature to give health, vitamins and love in all moment that it is dream of this fruit. You will leave to worry and you will make things that you always wanted to make in a work or in the attention to your relatives.

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