Hairpiece Dream Meaning

Hairpiece in your Dreams

To dream of a hairpiece means to hide a well-known matter, to defend of something or to be shown attractiveness and willing to begin everything again. A hairpiece symbolizes to not transfer something necessary, to possess a truth and not to declare it or to maintain a false appearance in the life. If you dream of a hairpiece blond that somebody well-know use you should claim a personal idea that other people use for their professional and economic benefit. Dreaming of a hairpiece brown that somebody of your family uses is expressed the non satisfactory results of your silence before mistakes and expenses of the company.

It´s not fair to identify this dream of the falsehood or the lie, although it is related with the concealment and the silence in matters of certain importance or daily of little span. As detail of this dream, if one observes the fall of a hairpiece it is omened a loss of memory that it needs professional attention.

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