Hammerhead shark Dream Meaning

Hammerhead shark in your Dreams

Dreaming of hammerhead sharks, signifies considerable foes and clarify your alarm of a foe or threat. To see in a dream, sharks as a rule speak to all things ravenous and frosty.

Dreaming of a hammerhead shark implies that there is somebody in your life who may be misleading you somehow. They are not being totally legit with you.

To see a hammerhead shark seeking after and attacking you, signifies that unavoidable inverts will sink you into melancholy premonition. To see them brandishing in clear water, predicts that while you are luxuriating in the daylight of ladies and success, envy is subtly, yet doubtlessly, meeting expectations you disturb, and miserable fortune.

To see a hammerhead shark dead in your dream, signifies compromise and restored success.

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