Hang Gliding Dream Meaning

Hang Gliding in your Dreams

To dream of hang gliding means the arrival of a satisfactory future, a daring action of love, an expression of wisdom or an event that it will motivate anguish. To hang gliding in a dream symbolizes the presence of somebody with sling it influences in you and that will ask you what action or elections have to make starting from now. Dreaming of hang gliding is omened an encounter loving passional and brief that will leave a deep print for always. If you dream of hang gliding on the sea you will have unpleasant news that will cause you a bothersome sensation of loss or absence.

As matter of fact, to hang gliding in a dream can also is mean the loss of your earnings obtained abroad in the 2 previous years by a bad investment. In this sense, don't worry with precipitate and unnecessary measures, only check your accounting and you will see where the failure is.

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