Heart Attack Dream Meaning

Heart Attack in your Dreams

The heart is the symbol of the feelings, the emotion and the love. Generally, to dream of a heart attack show a problem of self-esteem, strong stress, desires to feel lover and alert on the not well care of the personal health.

It could also reflect the bereavement of a heart broken by loving matters: rupture or incomprehension. When one dreams of a heart attack amid some activity or public event you will be attentive to your behavior with family and friends to show help and sincere solidarity; in occasions it is wanted but we don't offer.

Likewise, dreaming of a heart attack in a solitary place is alerted on the care of your health, of what eats and the activities that you carry out day by day; this dream is as a touch in your shoulder for you take advice. Finally, the uncomfortable dream with a heart attack prepares you to give affection and kindness since omens ruptures and couple conflicts for affective lacks. Not stop to think of that. Take my advice.

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