Heather Dream Meaning

Heather in your Dreams

Heather in a dream represents cleaning, tranquility and benevolence or hygiene and purification of all the bad one that intoxicates the soul and the body. The heather symbolizes something simple and useful to be better and in good health generally. If you dream that the heather improves you the expulsion of fluids as diuretic you will be able to enjoy a good health, of tranquility family and high commercial benefits in the next months. Dreaming that the heather improves the health of your skin like astringent and antiseptic is expressed the good behavior of the accounting and of the utilities of your company in the last semester.

Sometimes the presence of the heather in a dream is related with the nobility and the simple and common generosity that surrounds you now. Hence, to walk in a heather field insinuates that you are receiving great support and love of your

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