Hippie Dream Meaning

Hippie in your Dreams

A dream with a hippie represents the vicinity of a matter or a rebellious person, changing, revolutionary and that wants the combat for the peace and the love. To dream of a hippie symbolizes the arrival of the sensibility, of the peace and the good sense but calmly, without damaging anybody and without any commitment. If you dream of a hippie sat down in the living room of your house you will be able to express your personality talkative, musical, relaxed and unique before a multitude. Dreaming of a hippie sleeping in the porch of your house is omened complicated challenges for you during an informal conversation in the cafeteria of your work on the emigrants and their behavior in your county or parish.

Besides, this dream although it is very positive and light it could point out complex situations that provoke depression, easiness and indifference. In this, your professionalism is very important for not worrying if you win s all the obstacles daily.

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