Hyena Dream Meaning

Hyena in your Dreams

To dream of a hyena demonstrates two things: in the first place, it demonstrates a premonition of having too much responsibility; in second place, it represents an amusing person but very opportunist and interested in the things or in the goods of the life. A hyena symbolizes the simulation, the false, the lost of all spiritual value for only to take something. If you dream of a hyena resting in the door of your work you should be attentive to the behavior of your colleagues to avoid mistakes or bad comprehensions. Dreaming of a hyena eating in the back yard of your home it advises to measure your words with some relatives that are too talkative.

Therefore, you stay observer, reflexive and calm above everything and everybody for your good and of your family like half of protection. The calm and the peace will allow you to see so far and better above all what is approached to you.

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