Ibis Dream Meaning

Ibis in your Dreams

To dream of an ibis represents to return to the past with a fact of the present that it will exercise the wisdom, the writing, the love to the music and the moon, in other matters. An ibis symbolizes the magic and the power of a bird adored in Old Egypt, a mystic connection of being able to convince and to transfer with the word everything. If you dream of an ibis resting in the porch of your house amid a tornado you will be able to leave victorious of a financial conflict. Dreaming of an ibis that flies around the parking of your work seeks advice not to lose the calm and the patience with your boss to be able to achieve the benefits that you need right now.

In fact, this type of dream helps to the reasoning and the change of place in an incredible and spontaneous way, foreseeing all the details. Here anything is sacrificed the comfort and the prosperity then they will be the highest and final purposes in the premonition of this dream.

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