Incense Dream Meaning

Incense in your Dreams

To dream of an incense it represents spiritual elevation for your personal action or of another person; also premonition something good, creative or of spiritual learning. Incense symbolizes to identify, to summon or to stimulate something ethereal or spiritual. Dreaming of an elaborated incense of sandalwood that your couple burns in the living room of your house is omen for your family very good health, appropriate money, full love and cleaning of the body and soul of all in the following months of this year. If you dream of incense of lavender bush that yourself burns in your office you will enjoy strong health, abundant money, very strong love and cleaning body and mind in your work in the following months of this year; care, much care in possible excesses.

Generally, this type of dream is linked to the mystic thing but without overvaluing it since it could change or to rotate everything. You should take calm with everything, enjoy with rationality.

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