Intimacy Dream Meaning

Intimacy in your Dreams

The intimacy is one of the most common emotions in the dreams showing its important place in the real life to the watch a near love, a next passion or to feel very happy in an encounter among friends. To dream of the intimacy a loving moment between two people it expresses the obtaining of something that we want to have and we don't want it to escape. If you dream of the intimacy of a religious occupation you will reflect between your friends the friendship's connection with all of them during a party. Dreaming of the intimacy of a meditation moment in a Buddhist monastery is expressed the force of your future steps toward the peace and the love.

Therefore, this type of dream is very useful to have it and to enjoy it in these times not clears and conflicting. Their power is so big that it can give the premonition of communicating with other what is needed or what should be made emotionally without to hate or to destroy anything.

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