Ketchup Dream Meaning

Ketchup in your Dreams

To dream of ketchup, served cold and well seasoned, it omens something pleasant or a quick solution to a situation or conflict that you have at the moment. Hence, if you dream of ketchup inside a restaurant of fast food you will receive family cheerful news; if your dream is developed in a restaurant of a hotel you will have important information on your family or about some of the members of your family.

Dreaming of ketchup in a noisy and dirty supermarket it omen solution with patience of the conflict with the manager of your current work.If your dream of ketchup served in your table it give the premonition of a very attractive work offer that has been approved you after an interview a while ago.

On the other hand, to spill in dreams the ketchup on the table indicates necessity of change in the attitude and development of the gratitude towards other human beings. In fact, the ketchup presence in a dream always offers good advice and reminders.

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