Knocker Dream Meaning

Knocker in your Dreams

A knocker in a dream symbolizes an opportunity, a success or an occasion of executing an idea or personal project without controls or limitations. To dream of a knocker it represents a way to communicate or of choosing an action that it will help you to the family or the friends with the hope of the success. If you dream of a knocker of golden brass it placed in a great door you will be able to know the person that has impeded the natural growth of your economy. Dreaming of a knocker of silver iron in the door of your house it advises moderation and calms down before a conflict with a very important client of your company.

Just so, this dream confirms the happy end, the exit of a difficulty or the estrangement of dangers and damages to your more important issues in the personal and the public things. It includes the estrangement of problems, obstacles or blockades for all your matters.

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