Kookaburra Dream Meaning

Kookaburra in your Dreams

To dream of discovering a currency kookaburra in the floor means near luck, arrival of something wonderful by air or saving will. If you dream of a currency kookaburra on your hand you will be careful with your feet, avoiding falls to maintain your health without difficulties. A currency of silver kookaburra in a dream suggests willpower to achieve what wants, to be austere to materialize your desires and to be clear of the objectives that has intended to carry out. Dreaming of a currency kookaburra on your work table is omened the arrival of gifts to your house but they will be small and important packages.

In fact, if you dream of receiving a currency kookburra of an unknown person it means that it should be less proud and to accept all help that they offer you. If you are person the one that gives a currency kookaburra to somebody it is a sign of being conscious for all the opportunities of helping others.

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