Lava Lamp Dream Meaning

Lava Lamp in your Dreams

To dream of a lava lamp means the proximity of a desire, the serenity of the behavior before a danger or the lack of a good orientation of the senses before something not clear. A lava lamp symbolizes the satisfaction of seeing something pleasant, to copy a not very common behavior or to be even when directing your life. If you dream of a lava lamp very modern and with phosphorescent colors you could feel the arrival of something very wanted to the postal mail of your house. Dreaming of a lava lamp of the years 60 and with brilliant colors is omened an uncomfortable situation that it will make you to be caught in a well-known place and full with friends.

Every so often, this type of dream represents the confirmation of your approaches or opinions for something that you previous or it didn't value appropriately. Even, you could feel as if you walked in circle around something very well-known and with sensations non well-known.

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