Leaning Dream Meaning

Leaning in your Dreams

To dream of leaning to the game by money or to the games of chance it demonstrates lack of the psychological balance of you before important aspects of the life. Something stimulates to be leaning you to take mistaken or problematic roads. If you dream of being leaning to play to the American roulette and to go running to play in it you are collapsing in a cloudy matter and without having left at the moment. Dreaming of being leaning to take the things that are not your in an unknown place seeks advice to avoid some companies or friendships that are very unstable and not very trustworthy of the law.

Simultaneously, this dream remembers to avoid the addiction or the permanent connection with something, pleasure or person for the dependence that settles down. This should not decrease your responsibilities with other people, in particular with the family and with the order of your daily life.

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