Leopard Dream Meaning

Leopard in your Dreams

The animals mottled in all dream point out interesting symbols due to your little uniformity to a single color or size. A leopard symbolizes the magic, the domain of the wild and natural with all the force as predator. If you dream of a leopard resting in the living room of your house you will be attentive to all change or break in your house that it can affect to your economy. Dreaming of leopard loose inside your work is omened sure and strong work during a lot of time to your favor and of your colleagues.

In such a manner, to dream of a leopard expresses to the people how to discover or how dismount something that causes doubt for being of character stealthy, to not clear or full of magic. If in a dream you observe a leopard recently to attack a prey it to say that you have been low a strong pressure or stress.

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