Lions Dream Meaning

Lions in your Dreams

Dreaming of lions sleeping to the shade of a tree is alerted the protective feeling, defender and of fondness that feels at the moment toward your family. A couple of puppies of lions playing in a dream means that soon you will buy your children a pet very wanted by them in a walk for the zoological one. If you dreams of a couple of lions copulating in your period of mating it symbolizes authority, it forces and freedom to defend you of complicated situations. To dream of white lions reflects that you are captured by a feeling of collaboration and you help to solve a complex situation in your company that you requests of your reinforcement.

On the other hand, the dream about aggressive lions could mean decontrol, it disciplines and disobedience before an embarrassing situation. You should exercise your self-control and to control your emotions to obtain satisfactory results in all the moments of your life.

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