Lizard Dream Meaning

Lizard in your Dreams

A lizard in a dream symbolizes the presence of a primitive desire in you or something strong and resistant that although it is small it can stimulate you vastly. This dream motivates a desire that could have an interesting impact about your life since you will obtain or transform something that it always worried about in the under of your soul to take better your life. To dream of a lizard big, old and full of thorns it will allow you to maintain an incredible health for a long time near to your family. Dreaming of a lizard small, young and of rough skin it is omened stability and creativity in your matters of business in an amazing way.

In any event, this type of dream advances an opportunity or an offer that it will force you to take a decision, a control and a result that it will change your life totally. This way, something simple it will be big or very big in your life and without you to have foreseen it previously.

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