Long Hair Dream Meaning

Long Hair in your Dreams

To dream of the long hair represents energy, force, capacities for the victory, freedom and to be able to. It is important with this type of dream to remember the details of the same one. If during the dream we see the long hair that is cut by somebody or yourself it denounces spiritual elevation inside a religious institution or mystic in the future. However, to dream that you worry about the cut of the long hair could reflect the loss of your freedom, that achieved or the control that possesses of your work or house. It doesn't include it losses of things materials with those that you have to live. If dreaming of the long hair this it has black color it means that they come closer times of love intense and high creativity.

On the other hand, if you dreams of redheaded hairs it omens groundless intense jealousies. If the long hair is observed very care alerts of your superficiality before an important matter to examine. If the long hair is of white color it expresses dignity and a next person's wisdom to know.

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