Lotion Dream Meaning

Lotion in your Dreams

To dream of a lotion symbolizes a reparative process, healer and spiritual. From ancient times a lotion is related with offerings or rites for many religions. To remember the particularities of a lotion during the dream allows clarifying the message well. If you dream of a lotion with fragrance of roses you will increase your sentimental and artistic power and it will be low the influence of the planet Venus. If the fragrance that you remember is the lemon you will increase mental and solidarity power under the regency of the planet Uranus.

Dreaming of a lotion of soft and pleasant bouquet the vicinity of good people and feelings is omened. The dream with a lotion of very strong or unpleasant scent identifies the arrival of negative events or of primitive and aggressive people.

Without place to doubts, to dream of a lotion offers a special power to yours senses and your mind. It could express the necessity of new alliances, of new bonds of friendship and business of affable and productive character.

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