Mace Dream Meaning

Mace in your Dreams

To dream of a mace insinuates strong fight, permanent impartiality and reject to all prejudice with everything and everybody. A mace symbolizes passion for the truth, respect and adoration, or takes a grateful authority. If you dream of a mace of ceremonial type as that of the Pharaohs you will obtain a great recognition for the business community of your county or parish in very little time. Dreaming of a mace of ceremonial type as which possess the European monarchies is omened the visit from an international executive to your office to request you advice and consultant to carry out an important investment in Montreal.

Over and over again this dream accompanies of omens of power, forces or fights in the scenario that you know perfectly. So, think the message that offers this type of dream and to take out the best profit for yours businesses and company.

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