Magistrate Dream Meaning

Magistrate in your Dreams

To dream of a magistrate insinuates to have a mess, a legal difficult matter or to take a litigation for a lot of time without seeing a near solution. A magistrate symbolizes conflict to solve, error in an effort recent or high risk in an investment that you want to carry out. Dreaming of a magistrate that accompanies you in a visit to a friend is expressed a protection of a friend or colleague by you with the help of a very professional lawyer. If you dream of a magistrate that is sat down in the living room of your house you should be very carefully and observer of the activities that your son carry out the weekends.

Consequently, the dream about a magistrate should motivate doubt and control so that something or somebody not surprise to you with uncomfortable situations. Maintain your happiness and good character but with the eyes very open for the good of you and of the family.

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