Mandala Dream Meaning

Mandala in your Dreams

To dream of a mandala it means the force of the self, it is magic, wisdom, to be able to and an enormous love to the oriental culture of which is part. A mandala symbolizes the macro, the micro, the push, the wealth and a loving veil about the life that should be removed or mock. If you dream of a mandala that is of Hindu origin full with references and models you will be able to dominate the forces that push you to make a mistake today. Dreaming of a mandala of Buddhist origin with allegorical engravings it is expressed the closing of a magnificent contract of work with a very competent company.

Certainly, this type of dream it should not give fear to know that ignored of a wonderful of a culture so wide. In fact, to come closer to the collective unconscious will be of great help to complete your desires and to build the dharma that corresponds to you.

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