Masquerade Dream Meaning

Masquerade in your Dreams

To dream that you are in a masquerade insinuates that your life of work and family it will be full with hidden and false things but of appearance happy, calm, careless and with a lot of fantasy. A masquerade symbolizes falsehood and wrapped deceit of happiness, party and dance. Dreaming of a masquerade in a wide and illuminated saloon but unknown is omened the arrival of a situation that you won't understand at the beginning but that it will solve later on. If you dream of a masquerade with unknown people and that they don't speak you will expect from an unknown person a strange attitude and traitor but that you to fight and to rectify to all coast.

Currently, the dream about a masquerade indicates that you feel nostalgia and sadness. Even, you should question all that is approached when you have this uncomfortable dream to avoid frights or surprises potential and accidental.

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