Mayonnaise Dream Meaning

Mayonnaise in your Dreams

To dream of the mayonnaise announces opposed situations. To win clarity, you will have to remember shades of the dream related with the sauce mayonnaise: if it motivates disagree or agree, if their aspect is dense and clean or reveal and polluted. Then, if you dream of a mayonnaise that seemed pleasant or fine made it announce family happiness and festivities in little time. On the contrary, the mayonnaise is remembered with bad aspect it omens unpleasant atmosphere and disputes inside the family. Dreaming of the mayonnaise in transparent vessels of fast food is express damaged privacy or anguishes in your future life.

Also, it can mean manipulation of a reality or defect that it is not wanted to show. Likewise, to insinuate that somebody will be treating with cruelty and scorn in an unpleasant discussion very soon.

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