Medusa Dream Meaning

Medusa in your Dreams

A dream of the mythological Medusa symbolizes danger, accidental attack or total paralyzation of your creativity or of vital force. The Medusa symbolizes magic, damage and detention of all your work present and future. Hence, if you dream of a Medusa that observes thro of the window of your office you will be careful with the opinions and behaviors of the executives that surround you when presenting you the work agenda, the designs and the projects of your company. Dreaming of the Medusa inside your own house should be maintain under control the financial maneuvers of your bank with entities of real estate local.

Actually, the dream about the Medusa paralyzes everything or almost everything when it is manifest. You should remember the details of this complicated and harmful dream very well to avoid accidental frights and to prepare a good answer to all challenge or threat.

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