Mermaid Dream Meaning

Mermaid in your Dreams

To dream of a mermaid represents the temptation, the deceit or the song that it calls to mislead all man in an ingenious way. A mermaid symbolizes something supernatural, magic, very attractive and interesting that could take it to you for the wrong road. If you dream of a mermaid singing on the sea you will be attentive to all treatment or sale non clear or dishonest. Dreaming of a mermaid that sings to you from a rock of the sea is omened the arrival of an offer of work seemingly very attractive but completely false.

On the other hand, this dream is very captivating before becoming against you since its magic and fantasy is almost irresistible. Hence, it should take this dream as a good advice or warning to traps and manipulations that should avoid you or to reject so soon is detected.

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