Minutes Dream Meaning

Minutes in your Dreams

To dream of the observation of the minutes how they advance in a clock it makes reference to the necessity of solving a matter, a nervous state not stable or anxiety to need to make something quick generally. The minutes symbolize an unit of time that is related with efforts, solutions and realization of things or matters in the smallest time possible. If you dream of the minutes that they go lapsing in the clock of a station of railroads you will take calm and to wait a time to solve the problem that worries about you today. Dreaming of the minutes that have lapsed in your clock bracelet while you are sat down in a park it is alerted of a long wait for certain important matter to solve with your doctor.

Incidentally, the wait before an event or a problem will bring the change or the solution later or earlier without specifying how long it will take you generally. On the other hand, the minutes and their quantity could give you information to be used in the field of the numerology giving omens interesting and useful.

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