Monopoly Dream Meaning

Monopoly in your Dreams

To dream of the monopoly of a product or service integrated by a group of international companies represents control, forces, domain and empire on something or somebody. A monopoly symbolizes a key or regulation total on yourself or on other people in the middle of a specific situation. If you dream of the monopoly of tables of chocolate at level world you will have a commercial strong competition with very few alternatives of victory or triumph possible the present year. Dreaming of the monopoly of green tea to level world is omened an invitation of visiting Yokohama to negotiate and to sign a lucrative and important contract that it will open the Japanese market to your company.

On the other hand, the dream about the monopoly could also reflect premonitions of achievements and successes with big advantage commercial. It would be as something incredible or like a sign that you are sure in the steps to take to compete appropriately.

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