Mummy Dream Meaning

Mummy in your Dreams

To dream of a mummy in a tomb represents an aspect of yourself that it is remembered by your superior achievements or for your high creativity. A mummy symbolizes eternity, wisdom and permanency of the physical thing during centuries by means of unknown and magic methods. If you dream of a mummy that speaks to you from their sarcophagus you will receive a good advice of an Egyptian colleague that wants to help you in the expansion of their commercial operations for the Middle East at the moment. Dreaming of a mummy that it has left inside your office protected of the canvases that it wrap up it expresses the retain of the solidity, professionalism and forces of your company during the next year.

Exactly, the dream about a mummy points out wisdom of an or another form whenever it doesn't pursue or walk after you what represents fear or concern for something. Not it will be frightened before that type of dream neither to remember if a bad digestion or a bad news was what motivated this terror dream.

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