Obituary Dream Meaning

Obituary in your Dreams

To dream of an obituary or necrology information represents a news or unpleasant information, the conclusion of a stage of the life or an irreversible end. An obituary symbolizes fact, information or details of something positive, difficult to understand or conclusive simply. If you dream of an obituary in the bulletin board of the grocery of your neighborhood you will be prepared to receive unpleasant news on a relative, friend or very dear colleague. Dreaming of an obituary printed in an important newspaper is omened the arrival from an envelope to your house of a news or a legal information important that it will favor to your patrimony.

Nevertheless, this kind of dream is also related with positive matters when it accompanies of an illuminated and clean text. It could advance a solution to a personal great problem in short time or an uncomfortable situation that you worry at the moment.

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