Ouija Board Dream Meaning

Ouija Board in your Dreams

To dream of an Ouija board expresses difficulties for the limitless pleasure, priorities personal mistaken and high superstition. The Ouija board symbolizes a failure in a relationship or situation, a successive deception of planned matters and narrow relationship with the luck and the bad luck. Dreaming of an Ouija board on the sofa of your home it omens control or blockade of your total freedom to operate your company commercially. If you dream of an Ouija board on your worktable you will wait the results of the local Chamber of Commerce to begin to sell your new offers of services.

In any moment, the dream about an Ouija board will also reveal your fear to shades, deceased or noises that you will lose with own effort. If an Ouija board is on the table of meetings of your business it indicates a conflict difficult but franc with your executives the next month.

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