Owl Dream Meaning

Owl in your Dreams

An owl is the archetype of the wisdom in the parables of many old cultures that come the greatness from the Universe that to dream of this nocturnal bird. An owl symbolizes a sign of longevity, of hidden knowledge, of magic and strong and convincing charms. Dreaming of an owl that rests in the tree of your house it omens the unfolding of your knowledge and relationships like specialist in your company. If you dream of an owl that it lives in the loft of your house you will have the whole support of relatives and friends to reach your work desires in the near future.

Therefore, the dream about an owl gives the night and the magic in your hands that it makes disappear the fears or anxieties of all mystery. This dream almost always happens when the person is requesting or looking for knowledge or wisdom to obtain better results in the private and public matters.

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