Parakeets Dream Meaning

Parakeets in your Dreams

To see that a parakeet means by means of a dream the lack of his creativity and his innovation, you should have made continuous errors and contrary to the established customs. You should be original and reserved totally. Dreaming of parakeets you don't keep in mind that you speaks too much envelope their private life, for what all know about their steps, customs and habits and they feel in the right of criticizing you. If in your dreams the parakeet flies in a limited space colliding with everything, you will interpret that his fixed and public behavior needs to change to avoid problems and unnecessary conflicts. If during the dream the bird is caged you possess a rigid behavior and without personal desires of change.

Generally, the presence of birds in the dreams expresses the soul and its natural tendency to be free. Hence, the parakeets in a dream also symbolize the immaturity or the inability of understanding the force of the word and the facts to defend the private space.

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