Partridge Dream Meaning

Partridge in your Dreams

To dream of a partridge represents autonomy, love, couple fidelity and capacity of being liberated of dangers. A partridge symbolizes call of love in China, beauty in India and an elegant and arrogant woman in Iran. If you dream of a partridge that you have entered in your room you will enjoy the disinterested cares of a well-known person that will assist your matters during next six months.

Likewise, dreaming of a partridge of very alive colors it is expresses the arrival from a love affair passional to your life in an amazing way in an accidental trip of work. The dream of a partridge that rests in one of the windows or the porch of your house it confirms to you as correct your decision of hiring a lawyer for culminate the litigation that occupy you a while ago satisfactorily.

On the other hand, to dream of a partridge could symbolize a deceit or a future incentive to the betrayal among friends, relatives or couple for themes of money or avarice. Be careful about it. To know the reality you must learn to fly high and strong.

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