Pin Cushion Dream Meaning

Pin Cushion in your Dreams

To dream of a pincushion indicates to the presence of piercing comments or painful expression against your person rushed by somebody near to your family and you. A pin cushion symbolizes contention of problems, complex near situations and protection against unexpected and annoying confrontations. If you dream of a pincushion full with needles of sewing rusty you will maintain distance with some suppliers that donĀ“t offer the quality that need your business. Dreaming of a pincushion with needles of sewing new and brilliant is omened good results in the sales the next trimester for the enlargement of the offer of quality of the company.

Occasionally, the dream with a pincushion can also guide your decisions of to enlarge or to extend your businesses to places more distant. Not let that a positive or prosperous situation brake your habits of saving systematically.

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